History is not only that linear, one-dimensional discipline we are all taught at school. Instead, it is filled with puzzling mysteries, mistakes, coincidences, unfortunate heroes and suprisingly lucky twists of fate.

Did you know the Western world almost fell in Ancient Times, if not for the loyalty of a slave? That the 14th century Great Plague swept across Europe because of a distant siege where the invaders catapulted dead, plague-contaminated bodies? That elephants were once used for war, and sometimes wore armors and metal blades attached to their tusks?

History is sometimes epic; sometimes, truly absurd. Here are investigated plenty of unknown, yet decisive events from ancient to modern times… In that marvelous world featuring naughty Popes, safety coffins, cruel dictators and 12-y.o. crusaders, you won’t need anything but sheer curiosity.

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dedicated to Francesca